Newly upcoming feature in odoo 14
Newly upcoming feature in odoo 14

Newly upcoming feature in odoo 14


1: Countdown

Users can utilize a countdown widget in order to increase or manage their product sales/ traffic in the e-commerce It is available in different layouts:

    * Circle

    * Boxes

    * Clean

    * Text Inline


Product Catalog

This widget has been added to the website module. Where users can easily bring up the changes in their details as per their need in a predefined template.

Auto Pop

Users will be able to get quick assistance of offers and promotions to the customers

Chart Snippet

Chart snippet using which one can organise and represent a set of numerical or qualitative data in Chart form on the website. like Bar Vertical, Bar Horizontal, Line, Pie, Doughnut, Radar.

Some more like Progress bar, Timeline, Number, Masonry, Big Boxes  Product List , Emoji

Product Pricelist Report

Product Pricelist Report option for the users where they can print the price list of the product with corresponding currency from the product list

POS Coupon And Promotion Program

POS Promotion and Coupon program will possibly be moved to Odoo 14 Community edition.

Reconciliation Widget 

Reconciliation widget might move to the enterprise version.

POS Inventory Management

This features will be added for POS Inventory Management 

                                                                                                                                                                                            Your Dream Our Thoughts !

New Feature in odoo 15
New Feature in odoo 15