Odoo Marketing Features
Odoo Marketing Features

What is Odoo Marketing

Odoo Marketing modules help you to manage, control material for websites, social media and automate tasks to build consumer loyalty.Odoo marketing allows you to combine media campaigns with server actions to regulate the conversion rate of your leads. Thanks to its connectivity with the website, events, CRM, and email marketing, lead creation, lead scoring, and lead conversion.

What is Social Marketing?

The Social Marketing module in Odoo is a versatile platform that links all your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Through social media, you can directly influence the visitors of your accounts and make them your customers through campaigns. This social marketing module with the Odoo database will create a link between the company’s social media page from posts, events, and so on. At the same time, Odoo Marketing module allows businesses to control the content, build a unified content system and set up push notifications. With user interest data through direct interactions and statistical data, managers will try to convert them into leads and improve conversion rates.

Reach your audience anywhere on the Web

When push notifications arrive, the user’s focus quickly shifts to it, immediately capturing attention. The short and straightforward messages allow users to read the messages from the corner of their eye, and click on it if interest is triggered.

Turn visitors into leads and customers into happy users

Studies prove that live chats can increase conversion rates by 40%. Users respond well to live chats; it gives them a chance of real-time interaction. It allows you to proactively engage with visitors, which is a crucial part of a positive customer support experience.

Features of Social Marketing:

  • Send & Schedule Posts: Directly send or schedule posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Push Notification: Send web push notifications to your website's subscribed visitors.

  • Feed: Add streams, like Facebook and Twitter, to your dashboard to monitor your accounts, interact with your community, and get insights.

  • Create fully integrated campaigns: emails, SMS, push notifications, and social posts. Get an overview of your campaign's results in terms of clicks, revenues, leads created and sales.

  • Online Visitors: Get an accurate list of your website's visitors, and reach them via email, SMS, push notifications, or Live Chat requests.

  • Live Chat Request: Engage in conversation with one or more of your website's visitors. They will receive your message on their next action on a tracked page.

  • Track revenues and leads from a link: Track the journey of a link from a post, and get instant information about how much revenue that link generated, as to how many leads.


Email marketing is the act of sending advertisements or any type of commercial message across a group of people, either the potential or current customer using email. Email marketing allows you to reach out to customers in a cost-effective manner. Businesses can use this module to reach an enormous number of customers while also being able to personalise their message in a way that suits them. One of the most potent call-to-action orientation channels is this one. Odoo marketing email software is a handy tool for mass-sending messages to a target audience in a timely and automated manner. You can start from the ground up, creating eye-catching email campaigns with a well-thought-out strategy for reaching your target demographic. Odoo features will actively assist you by collecting demographic data and other relevant data. You may evaluate data and target audiences with the help of this Odoo Marketing module to come up with content that needs to be developed logically. Odoo marketing emails allow your marketing and campaign strategies to communicate more directly with your target audience, resulting in more reciprocal engagement.

In a business, marketing of Company and Products will gain new customers. Company should not market its product and services but it can also create marketing campaigns to pass information for discounts and offers by emails and social media. Email marketing is a subset of online marketing when it applies correctly in the business then it will be highly successful.

Email Marketing in Odoo” is a perfect solution to create and send personalised emails. You can send your company’s Newsletter quickly in a standardized manner with tracking the results of your campaigns. It means some information like Open Emails, Open Rates, Bounced Email and Unsubscribed list.

Be sure that your email newsletter is optimally displayed on every screen - whether it is a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Our dynamic content will adapt automatically to your subscriber’s screen by adjusting spacing and optimising images, offering comfortable readability on any device.

Improve your campaigns

Get accurate, and real-time statistics on every email sent out. Easily track the number of leads created, orders, and the amount of revenue generated, your open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, and improve your overall marketing strategy. Follow the opportunities generated and track the expected revenues.

Some Benefits of Email Marketing:

    • It is cost effective, As some online platform charges monthly rates and free plans for some limited number of Emails 

    • It includes many predefined Email templates and easy to design new one using Drag & Drop snippets 

    • Tracking options allow you to better understanding of your customers

    • It is easy to achieve better target your campaigns by Email services Ids which offers the possibility to make segmentation of subscriber’s list 

Features of Email Marketing:

Drag & drop editor: Use our pre-made building blocks to structure your email. Insert headers and footers, calls-to-action, images, links, snippets and many more in just a few clicks.

Personalise: Add your text and graphics in real-time directly within the editable content of your building blocks and get a live preview of what your email will look like.

Action Button: Actions - like approvals - are immediately available in the email notifications.

Themes: Pick one of our awesome themes and change the layout of your email according to your taste without losing time starting from scratch.

Templates: Save your emails as a template and reuse them for your future campaign

Import contacts: Easily import your contacts to Odoo from any CSV document

Create custom mailing lists: Segment your subscriber's database by assigning them to one or several mailing lists. You can also select your customers, leads or opportunities from Odoo CRM as the recipients of your campaigns. 

Reply to: Specify an email to which the recipient can reply by clicking on the “Reply to” button from his inbox.

Schedule: Select a time and date to schedule your campaign to be sent later.

Sample testing: Send a sample of your mailing to selected email addresses to get a preview before actually launching it to your whole mailing list.

Opt-out: Automatically remove from your mailing list the contacts who opted out

A/B testing: Send your email to a fraction of your email list.

Fully responsive: Display optimally your email on whatever screen: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Undelivered emails: Track last 24 hours undelivered emails, and get notified why they failed.

Mail server: Set up several email servers with their own IP/domain to optimize open rates.

Archive your campaigns: Keep track of all emails sent and stock them in Odoo’s database

KPI’s: Get real-time statistics on emails' performance: number of leads and orders created, revenue generated, delivery rate, open rate, click rate, bounce rate.

Tracking links: Add a tracking code to the links within your email campaigns and get a complete view of the performances for each campaign on a dedicated dashboard.

Measure your revenues: Follow your opportunities through Odoo CRM and analyze the conversion rate, the expected revenue and the generated revenue of each of your campaigns. Use filters for more in-depth analysis.

Build awesome campaigns: Start from scratch or pick one of our themes. Craft successful email campaigns that resonate with your prospects without any IT knowledge.

Get total control over your email content and layout thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use software.

Features of SMS Marketing:

Import contacts: Import your contacts to Odoo from any CSV or Excel document.

Create contact lists: Segment your subscribers by adding them to one or several contact lists. You can also select the contacts in your database and target your customers and leads as your campaigns’ recipients.

Schedule: Schedule a time and date for your campaign and let Odoo send messages automatically at the right time.

Campaign Testing : Send yourself a test SMS before launching it to your whole contact list.

Opt-out: The recipients of a contact list can unsubscribe from the list with a link included in the messages.

Blacklist: The recipients of a campaign that targeted an Odoo database’s contacts can unsubscribe from all SMSs with a link included in the messages.

A/B testing: Send your SMS Marketing campaign to a fraction of your contact list.

Send SMS s to your contacts: A new action button is added to your Contacts app. With it, you can select multiple contacts and send an SMS to all of them.

Buy credits for SMS in-app: The SMSs you send are paid with credits that you can buy directly from the app.

Undelivered SMS: Track last undelivered SMSs and get notified why they failed.

KPI’s: Get real-time statistics on SMS performance: delivery rate, click rate, bounce rate.

Link tracker: Share the links you want to track by creating a short link that includes analytics trackers and get a complete view of the links’ performances on a dedicated dashboard.

Measure your revenues: Follow your opportunities through Odoo CRM and analyze the conversion rate, the expected revenue, and the generated revenue of each of your campaigns. Use filters for more in-depth analysis.

How does Odoo Marketing integrate with third party apps?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, etc., can be effectively integrated with Odoo ERP through which the actual enterprise can then manage their leads and every other inquiries through the Odoo social media platforms. Also, the set campaigns and other promotional activities carried out can be easily managed with this integration process.