What’s new in Odoo Version 16
What’s new in Odoo Version 16

New Knowledge App

With the Knowledge app, Odoo will concentrate more on organising information inspired by Wiki, Notion, and the internal knowledge base of Odoo.  This app allows one to access the templates and procedures while performing the workflows.



  • Credit limit: warning on Quotations/Sales Orders and Invoices
  • E-invoicing
  • Reconciliation Widget has a more user-friendly approach
  • Better asset management with more options like cancellation and accurate computations.
  • Importing operations made easy: easily switch to Odoo Accounting
  • OCR for customer invoices: separate settings for customer invoice

Subscription Merges with Sales Order

Batches will be created on the operation type setting

There will be a force back-order feature that will give the option to choose whether to ask for back order in operation type, reducing confusion in the order management process.

Purchase new process

Now one can call for tender on the fly and create alternatives to the original RFQ.

Manufacturing Features

  • We can now split and merge manufacturing orders.
  • The allocation report is now in manufacturing; if the link is created in the sales order, customers can see the status of their manufacturing order in the customer portal at every stage.
  • Subcontracting will allow the subcontractor to register production.
  • The manufacturing worksheet option will be in the MRP module (Like field service) to help users complete the operations, steps, and quality checks.
  • Manufacturing planning and scheduling will help you to define a sequence for your operations- which manufacturing order needs to be fulfilled in sequence and which ones should run paralleled.


Marketing Improvements

  • Starting the mail where you have left drafting
  • Change the global attributes of emails all at once
  • Saving filters to reload later
  • Import contacts in the database by coping or pasting the email address
  • New templates for email
  • Social marketing will let users re-tweet and quote from the dashboard itself.

Some Small V16 Features

  • Rental for eCommerce
  • Project scorecard to give profitability on your projects
  • New payment acquires
  • Stripe Connect for payments
  • New improvements in Sign (one can refuse to sign a contract)
  • With Time off, the user will be able to see the validity date of their available days
  • In approvals, you can decide the order or sequence of approvals
  • Signature request wizard for employees
  • Coupons and promotions will be unified, and users can access them from POS, eCommerce, and sales orders.
  • Automation marketing  
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • New back end, front end, and better on boarding features