Order Picking in odoo
Order Picking in odoo


Order picking are as following

  • "Discrete: When your single order processing items with large dimensions" 

  • "Cluster: When handling multiple orders with small dimensions"

  •  "Zone: When picking items with a variety of sizes, shapes, and in multiple storage."

  •  "Batch: When there are multiple orders with the same SKU. the order picker only needs to travel to the pick location for that specific SKU . once it picked an order to fill for the multiple orders "

Zone Picking:

1: Pick and Pass: 

 When picker picks order from one zone and passes that order to next zone to fulfils whole order

2: Pick and Merge:

When the picker pick some items from one zone and the other pickers pick from other zones before shipping sorters will merge both pick cart and makes full order


Once an order is processed Pickers will pick the order on basis of picking slip from different zone or locations or shelf's. once an order is picked Merger or Sorters will short order of bases of report merger/sort slip and notify to warehouse that user order is ready to ship

Batch Picking:

when the order is processed like picker will pick all particular goods at once and put in commonplace "put to order" once all goods is picked shorter will short order on basis of the delivery slip and notify to the warehouse for shipped the order

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